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We want you to hear this: you are not alone on your creator journey. These conversations are here to make you feel like you have other creators alongside you, because you do.

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Hi, I’m Akta

I’m your Creators on Air host. I’ll be asking your favourite creators all of the questions you want answered.

You can find me over on Twitter and Youtube.


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“Sometimes you feel like you’re on your own as a creator, which is why I think transparency is so important. I was so happy to share my journey as a creator on this podcast, and I think these conversations are really important so we can all grow together! When one of us wins, we all win!”

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Gabriel Nussbaum, TikToker
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“Creators on Air have such interesting conversations. I always tune in when I want to hear the latest with what’s happening in the creator economy!”

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Jamie Whiffen, YouTube consultant
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“Creators on Air is essential listen for all creators! We as the audience get to hear the learnings of other creators, so we might emulate their success and avoid their failures. I love how it celebrates the diversity of the creator economy and I get excited every time I see a new episode released!”

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Michael J Boorman, Wisdom Made Easy