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Sponsorships made easy

Passionfroot lets you handle sponsorships, collaboration requests, bookings, and payments – in one single place. For your peace of mind.

For all creators

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Is running the show running you down, too?

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You waste 70% of time on admin work
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Juggling 10+ tools to handle requests and payments
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Losing track, details and your spark due to constant back and forth
Without passionfroot overwhelm

Make money - effortless

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Thousand of $ earned by Passionfroot entrepreneurs every week
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Cut time spent on negotiation, booking, proposals and invoices by 50%
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Convert clients faster and give them the best experience

You’ve got the talent.
We’ve got the tools

A space for all your requests

Drowning in DMs and emails? Ditch the mediakit and direct brands to one place with up-to-date stats. Offer sponsorships, collabs, ads, and more.

Check out our storefront
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Where creators do business
Promote your services, products (tools), events to an audience that is actively looking for top recommendations.
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Weekly newsletter sharing resources and insights to help creators grow, scale their business and have a work-creator-life balance.
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Top regions
US, UK, Europe
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$ 200
Be feature at the top of the newsletter
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$ 100
Be featured at the bottom of the newsletter
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Creators on Air
Weekly conversations with creators about their journey, building a business and managing a work-creator-life balance.
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Plan better for peace of mind

Save time and headaches. Keep track of your upcoming collaborations, cash flow and availabilities. Open up slots whenever it suits you - after all, you’re the one running the show.

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From requests to results in no time

Forget the back and forth. Go from first contact to final payment in days, not months. Create and send proposals. Collect assets, approvals and more in just a few clicks.

New request from Jane (Potion)
June 24, 2022
Goal of the campaign
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Hey Jane, thanks for reaching out I love your brand.... Looking forward to work together on this!
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Invoice Sent
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Creative Assets Form Sent
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Jane (Potion) just paid
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4 x Sponsored Ad
$ 4 200
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Dan shared Creative Assets
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Keep track, stay relaxed

Stop stressing about payments, invoices, reminders, and more. With Passionfroot you can automatically invoice the right people, at the right time.

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Powered by passion, built for people like you

Join the community of leading creatives and get more out of your business.

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“Me and hundreds of creators I know can benefit from Passionfroot’s personal storefront for products and sponsorships.”
Ali Abdaal
Youtuber, Podcaster and Writer, Founder of Part-Time YouTuber Academy
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“Passionfroot saves me so much time that I can now spend on creating better content - and my clients love it!”
Kevin Indig
Growth Memo
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“Passionfroot has been a huge help in streamlining all the decisions and processes necessary to start monetising my brand.”
Matthias Frank
Holistically Speaking
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Wall of Love

Paul Millerd
Twitter Icon

I just started using Passionfroot to handle sponsorship requests for my podcast and newsletter. Before them, I had pulled together a terrible process of google sheets, random stripe links, and emails back and forth to figure out all of this.

In my head, I just thought, “damn there must be a tool to solve this".

Passionfroot is that tool.

Jessica Williams
Twitter Icon

I just booked my first newsletter sponsorship through my new @passionfrootxyz storefront, and can I say how seamless the process was?

I requested payment, get creative assets, send the sponsor a screenshot to review - all within the product.

Loving it!

Arvid Kahl
Twitter Icon

Alright, I am professionalizing how I approach sponsors.

I moved my system from "juggling emails and calendar invites" to @passionfrootxyz.

You know, like a real business owner :P

Jenny Wu
Instagram icon

If you're a content creator you NEED to sign up for Passionfroot!

You create different sponsorships that brands can book directly through the site, streamlining the entire process from pricing to deliverables to payment.

It's also completely free to use! No more messy email threads!

FAQ Froot

Frequently Asked

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What is Passionfroot?

Passionfroot lets you handle sponsorships, collaboration requests, bookings, and payments – in one single place.

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Is Passionfroot for me?

Passionfroot is for everyone who creates content and monetizes with sponsorships - no matter if you run a newsletter, podcast, Youtube channel, blog, TikTok or Instagram. It’s for the creator who runs everything by themselves up to small teams and media companies!

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How do I get access?

Sign up to our waitlist! We'll be sending invites gradually over time.

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How much does it cost?

As of this point, Passionfroot adds a 2% fee (excluding Stripe) onto every invoice, which the partner covers. This allows us to pay creators 100% of what they earned.

Reap the froots of your creativity, without the chaos

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