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Our core values

Set by our founders, embodied by our team and expressed in everything we do:

Growth Froot


We believe in life-long learning, giving and receiving candid feedback. It's okay to try and make mistakes as long as we take ownership and learn from them.

Passion froot


We believe everyone is unique in what they are passionate about. Together, these perspectives and passions help us build the best product.

Creativity froot


We believe creators are problem-solvers that find solutions with limited resources. To truly help them, we look at challenges with creativity and curiosity.

Community froot


We believe that communities are magical and help individuals to belong. So we serve communities whenever we can with our diverse, inclusive approach.

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Senior Product Engineer

Berlin / Remote
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Building Passionfroot

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To create our online solution, we had to go offline. We found solitude in the countryside just outside of Berlin. It gave us the space, creativity and focus we needed, to get Passionfroot off the ground.
passionfroot story house
This was our first hideaway.
The groundwork of our idea was done here.
passionfroot story team
We even dragged our +1s with us. To really see if we can go on this crazy ride together as a team.
passionfroot story twitter
We had fully immersed ourselves into user research. We've talked to 100+ creators. We worked with a creator as her COO. We wanted to understand their workflows, processes and needs on a deep level. This tweet pretty much sums up our approach.
passionfroot story plan
We had to decide what to fix.
This was hard.
We synthesised. We created user journeys. We gave our personas names.
Our Passionfroot playlist helped us keeping the creative juice flowing.
"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
~ Howard Thurman

Wall of Fame Froots

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I have some news!! 🎉

I'm officially leaving dentistry after realising that it wasn't for me.

After years of not knowing what to do next, I'm now following my love for creating and joining @getPassionfroot as their founding creator.

Inna Lytkina
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Long story short: I’m with @GetPassionfroot and it feels awesome! ❤️🔥❤️🔥

It was THE match. Once I’ve heard about Passionfroot from @wearexena_ , I felt this was it. How? ⬇️

Sarah Wachs
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Good news everyone 🥳

I am now a Founding Engineer at Passionfroot!

Here is what convinced me to join a very early stage startup:

Lorenzo de nobili
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8+ years in the industry, 5 jobs, and 4 companies later I decided to join @getPassionfroot as a Founding Engineer: