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Discover the right creators

Passionfroot helps you find the right creators to reach your audience on all platforms.

Connect & collaborate

No more ghosted DMs. Submit qualified requests directly in the creator’s storefront and flow through our streamlined workflow. Booking, collaboration, and payments all in one place.

Reach your audience

That’s it - watch the campaign go live, grow your business, and build a community around your brand!

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Together with 1000s of creators and sponsors, we have put together 10 quick tips to take you from zero to hero and succeed with creator marketing as a company. Including:

How to find creator-brand-fit
How to choose the right creator channel
How to read and verify stats and more...

Make creator marketing
a breeze

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FAQ Froot

Frequently Asked

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Who is the Partner Network for?

It's for marketers, companies, brands, and creators looking to find creators to do marketing collaborations with.

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Does it cost anything to join?

The Partner Network is free to join. No sign-up nor monthly fees to worry about!

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How does it work?

You sign up to the network, we curate a set of creators based on your needs, and then you explore their storefronts and book the ones you like. You'll also get early access to our future partner offerings!