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How Durable leverages creators to stand out in the AI gold-rush

How Durable leverages creators to stand out in the AI gold-rush

The Partner: Durable

Durable is one of the most innovative AI-companies worldwide. Backed by notable investors incl. Altman Capital, the company has a bold mission: to make starting a solo business easier than working for someone else.

To help aspiring entrepreneurs on this journey, Durable has harnessed the power of AI to develop a suite of cutting-edge tools. Their AI Assistant, AI CRM, AI Invoicing tool, and AI website builder are designed to streamline and elevate the entrepreneurial experience. With such intelligent solutions at their fingertips, embarking on an entrepreneurial journey has never been more accessible and efficient. They're here to empower entrepreneurs every step of the way, making their business dreams a reality.

Durable is committed to building a brand that thrives on user enthusiasm and advocacy. They've meticulously crafted a brand-building strategy that places their users at the core, fostering a community-based approach that's driven by love and admiration for their products. The Durable team recognized that a Creator-Led strategy aligns perfectly with this community-oriented vision. By collaborating with creators that are followed by founders, operators, and sales professionals - they discovered the secret sauce that not only enables them to efficiently acquire customers but also establish Durable as a staple in the founder stack. This strategic alignment not only facilitates effective customer acquisition but also solidifies Durable's status as an indispensable component in the toolkit of every entrepreneur. As we delve deeper into Durable's journey, it becomes evident that their success is not just about innovative technology but a holistic approach that champions their users and builds a community around shared aspirations and accomplishments.

A Deep Dive into a Successful Partner Case Study

The Problem

Creator marketing returns were great and an express-train to brand equity - however the team found themselves investing countless hours, at times even days, to find and connect with creators that fit their brand - and even after all this work, some of the results were mediocre.

The Passionfroot match

This was until Jonathan, Head of Brand at Durable, came across Passionfroot when collaborating with You Need A Robot run (part of Latecheckout). After booking a sponsorship at the click of a button - Jonathan signed up to Passionfroot for Partners to discover more.

You Probably Need a Robot's Storefront

Passionfroot swiftly became a trusty growth partner, instantly boosting Durable's creator program. With Passionfroot’s vetted B2B creators, discoverability features, and a user-friendly CRM-like dashboard - Durable had unlocked creator-led growth at scale.


Once a part of Passionfroot, Durable got access to a diverse mix of creators based on their own requirements in their own personalized workspace complete with Discovery, Collaboration, and Payment features.

Durable's personalized creator Discovery space

With Passionfroot Discovery, they efficiently sifted through creators, narrowing down their criteria by category, platform, audience size, pricing, and more. In mere minutes, they pinpointed a group of high-tier creators primarily engaging with startup founders, operators, and business development professionals for which Durable seemed to be a perfect fit.


Durable quickly discovered a substantial advantage with Passionfroot: it's more than just a directory of email addresses. What set Passionfroot apart is that all the creators actively use the platform on a daily basis - because Passionfroot is Where Creators Do Business - ensuring prompt responses when requests are sent. Durable harnessed this unique aspect and reached out to 10+ creators for their inaugural campaign, yielding swift replies from high-tier creators almost immediately. This early success not only validated the effectiveness of Passionfroot as a platform but also set a promising precedent for future collaborations, establishing Passionfroot as a key catalyst in Durable's ongoing strategy for engaging with influencers and creators in the AI and Tech domain.


Once Durable engaged with creators, Passionfroot's collaboration workspace transformed their workflow. With a direct line to creators, quick ad submissions, compliant invoices, and smooth payments, it made both the marketing and accounting departments happy, simplifying their work life.

Passionfroot's collaboration workflow not only enhanced productivity but also fostered a sense of ease in managing the intricacies of influencer marketing campaigns. Passionfroot emerged as an invaluable tool, not just for facilitating collaboration, but for creating a harmonious and efficient working environment that resonated across various departments within Durable.

The result: 10 million people reached and long-term collaborations with the best creators

Standing out in the rush of AI companies launching products is hard, but by partnering with more than 40 reputable creators in the AI and Tech space - including names like Superhuman, Matt Wolfe, and Easlo - Durable has been able to develop their business model and build a standout brand within the industry. These collaborations not only drove present growth but also established a brand recognition that is evergreen.

By aligning with influential figures in the industry, Durable has not only experienced immediate growth but has also solidified a brand recognition that stands the test of time. The enduring impact of these partnerships resonates throughout the industry, positioning Durable as a beacon of innovation and collaboration within the competitive realm of AI companies. As they continue to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape, these partnerships remain instrumental in shaping Durable's trajectory and ensuring a lasting legacy of excellence in the AI space. Case studies such as Durable's stand as a testament of how Passionfroot significantly fuels partner growth in the AI industry.

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