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How Wave AI leveraged Passionfroot to make their brand launch a tsunami

How Wave AI leveraged Passionfroot to make their brand launch a tsunami

The Partner: Wave AI

Wave AI is a Series A company building an AI Coach for individuals at work. With a compelling product vision - they are set to revolutionize how people grow at work, and ultimately how companies perform.

However, the challenge with individual coaching apps for worksplaces is that they rely on an extraordinary customer championship amongst employees within the companies to drive traction. Hence, Wave take a product-led approach in order to anchor user love and scale efficiently through winning over these champion employees.

In practical terms, this meant being lean, using a small initial product to get early signs of user love for the Wave’s vision. Having de-risked market fit - they now knew they had to go all in to drive product-led growth which not only entailed further product investment, but also a rebrand.

The Problem

Wave had invested heavily in their new brand (it’s pretty slick - check it out here) and were planning to launch it in conjunction with their new version of the coaching product. However, with all the work riding on the launch they wanted to maximize the chances the the brand and product in confluence drove virality, brand awareness, and most of all: traction. Experimenting with different channels - they realized creators was the most efficient way to establish a brand and reputation that excites. However, they found themselves facing the questions:

  • Who are the biggest creators in business coaching? Personal development?
  • What channels are the taste-makers on?
  • How do we go about finding them?

This is where Head of Growth, Alberto Martinez met Passionfroot.

Making waves with Passionfroot

After signing up to Passionfroot for partners, Alberto quickly found that Passionfroot was the key to answering their questions and helping them make a splash with B2B creators.


Alberto indicated his team’s needs in the signup upon which he got a personal curation of creators that overlapped with their potential buyers. These creators represented the Michael Jordans of Productivity, and Serena Williams of career coaching - yes, they exist 😉 More specifically, this curation by Passionfroot contained coaching, productivity, career, and startup creators who are followed by Wave’s ICP: professionals at new-era tech companies that want to actively improve their performance.

This curation of creators wasn’t just a list of creators - it was a direct line to customers.


Once Wave had this base of Creators - the discover feature let them narrow down within the set based on platform, category, audience composition, country, and price levels. “Doing this evaluation was much quicker than anywhere else. I could browse the curated creators, filter it down, and then quickly evaluate their content and stats in their Passionfroot storefronts,” says Alberto.

Finding the right creator became like searching for the right product on Amazon.


It was important for Wave to make a splash and drive traffic to their socials and website on launch week - hence one single collaboration wasn’t enough. With Passionfroot they could seamlessly facilitate a coordinated campaign across 32 creators to build a wave of impressions that spanned their ICP community. As Alberto puts it, “With the collaboration workflows in our Passionfroot workspace, we were able to do multiple bespoke collaborations in the time it would usually take us to coordinate just one.”

The result: 3.2 million people reached and long-term collaborations with the best creators

Together with Passionfroot, Wave has reached over 3.2 million people on Youtube, Newsletters and Linkedin - including taste-making creators like Alex Brogan, Scott Lynch, and Every. Discovering and scaling collaborations with creators enabled Wave to not only get strong signup traction from its launch - but also establish an extraordinary brand and creator-backed reputation that will bolster it’s product-led growth for years to come.

Want to kickstart your creator-led growth?

Wave is accelerating out of their Series A with creators to build the world's leading Executive Coaching AI. If you want to grow your AI company or SaaS with Creators - get access to Passionfroot now for free.

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