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How Attio uses Passionfroot to discover creators and fuel product-led growth

How Attio uses Passionfroot to discover creators and fuel product-led growth

The Partner: Attio

Attio is a next-generation CRM that combines a powerful data model with the magical user experience of no-code software. It’s a CRM that is is nothing short of magic. With an impressive data architecture at its core, Attio provides unparalleled flexibility and use cases to supercharge teams’ ops, sales, and more. It has become the go-to choice for leading startup & growth teams around the world.

Attio pursues a Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategy - underpinned by users that love and spread their product via word of mouth. As love of Attio spread across social media, the team at Attio found that they could complement their PLG strategy with a creator-led growth strategy as well. By tapping into creators followed by founders & operators - they were able to reach more prospects and acquire more customers efficiently while also growing their brand.

The Problem

Unfortunately, as Attio set off to find creators to work with, it quickly became apparent that finding creators in the B2B, Sales, and CRM space was incredibly difficult. Searching through Twitter, Linkedin, and newsletter channels, there was no structured way of finding creators.

The Passionfroot Match

At this time Attio came across Passionfroot and joined the Partner Network. Instantly, Passionfroot solved their core problems when it came to creator marketing. Passionfroot enabled the growth team at Attio to discover, connect, and collaborate with creators with ease.

Once a part of Passionfroot, Attio got access to thousands of knowledge creators on their core growth channels (Linkedin, Twitter, Newsletters). On top of that, the Discovery feature enabled them to narrow these tailored creators down based on their requirements by platform, category, audience size, price levels and more. In minutes they were able to close in on a set of creators whose predominant audiences were startup founders, operators, and business development professionals - the core Attio customer.

They discovered and connected with a wide variety of influencers with large audiences, including Houck, a former YC and A16Z backed founder who now writes a weekly newsletter to over 80,000 founders & operators. This marked the start of one of their deepest creator partnerships.

One of the largest benefits Attio found with Passionfroot was that it’s not simply a database with links to creators profiles or email addresses. All the creators on Passionfroot are using the product daily for their own business - so when you send a request: you get a reply. Attio was able to connect with Houck right away by sending a request right inside of Passionfroot.

Once Attio connected with Houck - Passionfroot’s collaboration workspace streamlined the entire process from request to payment - so that Attio could deliver a great campaign on time. In one dynamic chat Attio had a direct line to Houck, could submit their ad creative, get a compliant invoice, and pay in seconds. Happy marketing department, happy finance department - happy life.

The results

Today Attio is reaping the Froots of creator-led growth. Having collaborated with startup creators like Houck, Justin Gordon, and more on unique deep-dive campaigns, Attio has been able to both convert serious leads at higher rates than on paid channels - while also building their reputation with some of the most respected leaders in the space.  Check out some of their successful campaigns below:

Becoming a part of the “Founder Stack” with Houck

Attio has run multiple “Tool of the Week” collaborations with Houck – the largest newsletter creator for founders – with the click of a button using Passionfroot. After these initial trials with return, they have now doubled down on a deeper newsletter feature: “How to Disrupt a Giant Incumbent”. This has enabled Attio to develop a relationship with Houck and also get directly in front of their key audience: founders & operators.

Converting solid leads with Justin Gordon

Attio also launched a partnership with Justin Gordon, Venture Partner at Vitalize VC and writer of the JustGoGrind newsletter that tells the story of world-class founders. With the combination of Twitter posts and a Newsletter deep-dive - Attio was able to both convert leads and be featured alongside other top companies out there. See if you can spot their founder Nick below 😉

Want to kickstart your creator-led growth?

Attio is on the frontier of PLG SaaS, and now one of the most forward-thinking creator-led B2B SaaS companies out there. If you want to follow their lead and boost your growth with Creators - get access to Passionfroot now for free.

We’d love to help you grow!