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Find & book the right B2B newsletters, podcasts, Youtubers, and influencers for your brand. Make influencer marketing as easy as paid social ads.

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Discover the right creators

Ditch Google search and expensive databases.

Find the perfect B2C and B2B creators to connect with your target audience.

Browse 230M+ in audiences from newsletters, podcasts, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, and beyond.

Deploy campaigns - at scale

Make influencer marketing predictable as Google Ads

Create a campaign to plan, deploy, and measure your creator marketing like a pro.

Book creators directly from your campaign - or publish your campaign and let creators apply to you!

Connect & collaborate

No more ignored DMs or missed deadlines.

Passionfroot has a direct line to creators’ inboxes with 8x higher reply rate than cold DMs.

Once you have a match, our messaging and collab flow automates and accelerates your collaborations.

Pay quickly and safely

Forget the hassle of paying creators.

Enjoy worldwide creator payments for seamless and secure transactions.

Get compliant invoices automatically. Your finance department will love you.

Pay one provider - not thousands.

Master creator marketing

Get better returns on your time & money
Save 75% of your time per campaign

Designed to help you grow - and get your next promotion.

Join the marketers and founders using Passionfroot to make creator collabs as easy as Google ads

“Passionfroot masterfully tackles the challenge of finding high quality creators for my GTM efforts, saving me tons of time, and making collaboration seamless. The win-win situation for creators and partners is truly exciting.”
Alberto Martinez
Head of Growth at Wave AI
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Together with 1000s of creators and sponsors, we have put together 10 quick tips to take you from zero to hero and succeed with B2B influencer marketing as a company. Including:

How to find creator-brand-fit
How to choose the right creator channel
How to read and verify stats and more...

Make creator marketing a breeze

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FAQ Froot

Frequently Asked

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Who is the Partner Network for?

It's for marketers, companies, brands, and creators looking to find creators to do marketing collaborations with.

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Does it cost anything to join?

Nope! It's free for partners to join and use (no monthly fees). Members of the Partner Network enjoy 0% booking fees.

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How does it work?

You sign up to the network, get approved by our vetting team - then use our beautiful tool to Discover, Book, Collaborate, and Pay creators to grow your brand on all channels. Save 75% of your time spent on campaigns - go home early and see your kids, friends, or loved ones <3