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You're in the wrong lane

Hey passionate creator,

When you feel like you’ve always got something to do, “wasting time” doesn't seem like an option.

Instead, you feel like you always have to be switched on. You find productivity hacks to help you work more efficiently. And you’re always tracking your goals, reassuring yourself that you’re making plenty of progress.

Like the world we live in, with same-day delivery at our fingertips and new iPhone models every year, we get caught up in the belief that faster is better. Anything less feels unproductive, lazy and inadequate.

But the fast lane isn’t the only way to reach your destination. In fact, it might not even be the best route:

  • When you go too fast, you’re more likely to aimlessly move forward as you follow what everyone else is doing. By slowing down, you become more intentional with where you’re going.
  • When you rush around because you’re running late, do you find that you’re more clumsy, forgetful and erratic? Slowing down clears the fog, and helps you to make better decisions and be more focused.
  • As we fill every second of our day with something, it’s hard to find moments of boredom. This isn’t as good as it sounds - boredom has been proven to help with creativity.
  • When you stay in the fast lane, you might find yourself headed for burnout. Slowing down and taking regular breaks might be the antidote you need.

Even with a lot on your plate, you can still reach your goals in the slow lane. And when you go slow, you’re more likely to go far.

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Stay passionate,


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