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How to ask better questions

Hey passionate creator,

I’ve learned that asking good questions is a skill.

We ask questions when we interview potential hires, when we have guests on our upcoming podcast, and when we’re in team meetings.

I’ve noticed that good questions allow us to help each other and bring out the best in each other. They provide clarity rather than confusion. They unlock learning and allow us to delve deeper.

Good questions inspire great conversation.

So, how can we ask better questions?

Do your research

Tim Ferris spends 2-4 hours researching guests for his podcast. Although this might sound over the top, it allows him to delve deeper in interviews because he already has a good overview of the person. Being well prepared also allows you to be more intentional about what you want from the conversation.

Be bold

Sometimes people avoid asking questions because they’re afraid of what others may think, but no question is a stupid question. In fact, people often appreciate questions which show that the other person is trying to understand them.

Ask short, open-ended questions

Open-ended questions allow for people to think about their answers. They provide more information than close-ended questions, where the answer is a simple yes or no. I’ve also learned that questions should be simple. When you combine too many questions into one, the other person can easily get confused.

Embrace silence

Silence is powerful. It allows time for the other person to form their thoughts. It demonstrates patience and creates a more comfortable environment because it shows you’re not trying to rush the conversation.

Asking good questions is the cornerstone of open communication for creative collaborations and business. If you want good answers, get in the practice of asking better questions.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”
- Voltaire

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And that's it for the week!

Stay passionate,


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