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The power of a weekly review

Hey passionate creator,

Every Friday we have a weekly review.

I first came across weekly reviews in David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD), but I didn’t realise their value until I joined Passionfroot.

With so many things going on, it's easy to focus on task after task, but sometimes you lose sense of the bigger picture. Progress feels less meaningful.

Weekly reviews help to combat that. They give you the chance to get everything in order, close any loops, reflect on how things are going, and set yourself up for a good week. They'd benefit creators who feel pulled in multiple directions.

The beauty of a weekly review is there’s no one-size-fits all method, but here are some ideas of what you can include:

  • Brain dump: offload any tasks and notes
  • Reflect on the week: what went well? What didn’t go well? What have you learnt?
  • Check your goals: what progress have you made so far?
  • Follow up: is there anything you're waiting on which is dependent on someone else?
  • Check your calendar: is everything up to date?
  • Plan the week ahead: what are the most important to dos?
  • Review your ‘Maybe/Someday’ list: is there anything you can start now?
  • Journal: are you spending time in a way that aligns with the life you want?

When you have so much going on already, a weekly review might sound counter-productive. But set aside some time each week, and you'll quickly realise the clarity, focus and direction that weekly reviews provide.

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And that's it for the week!

Stay passionate,


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