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Launching Discovery: The ultimate tool for startups to grow with creators

Launching Discovery: The ultimate tool for startups to grow with creators

At Passionfroot we’ve spent years building a product to help content Creators manage and grow their sponsorship business. Our core mission is to empower creators to make a living off their passion - and that remains today. However, by building a product that creators love we’ve learned two things:

  1. Creators not only need help in running their business, but also growing it by finding more sponsors to work with.
  2. The fact that we already have a creator-loved product puts us in a unique position to solve point 1 above.

This is why today we’re proud to be launching Discovery as a part of Passionfroot for Partners.

Starting a company is one of the biggest challenges there is. For the ambitious founders and growth teams we work with at Passionfroot - we observe this constant battle for growth. Be it sales-led, product-led, or creator-led - it’s a constant battle to hit metrics spanning years. Starting today we’re making that growth challenge a bit easier for teams on the journey from seed to IPO. Discovery lets you tap into the power of creator-led growth by making bespoke creator collaborations as easy as buying Google or Meta ads. Discover, connect, and collaborate with creators - all in one workspace.

By leveraging the core love for our Creator product - we have been able to layer on a product that enables brands to discover and collaborate with creators in the most seamless experience in the creator economy. Here’s how:


Passionfroot gives you a workspace where you can search for creators to promote your product and drill-down by platform, reach, audience, price, and much more. No more sifting through separate platforms or using 3rd party search apps.


Once you’ve set your requirements, you can quickly evaluate each creator’s channels, stats, audience directly from your workspace - making the evaluation phase one centralized experience.


Once you find the creator who’s audience matches your brand - simply submit a request directly in their storefront. Yes, no more cold DMs or emails to agencies. At the click of a button you get a direct line to the creator. Furthermore, because all creators on Passionfroot run their business in Passionfroot - you get replies - fast.


The product isn’t just a database of emails - it helps you deliver excellent collabs - on time. Once your request is accepted you’ll have an inbox, to-do list and automated workflow that takes you from requests to creative briefing to payment in a breeze.


That’s it - launch your campaigns at scale and watch your brand grow!

Reaching your vision as a company requires growth. Creators can help you grow fast and efficiently. Discovery helps you discover and work with creators.

It all starts with Discovery.

Sign up here to get early access for free until the end of 2023!