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How Superpower Daily makes 5 figures with Passionfroot

How Superpower Daily makes 5 figures with Passionfroot

Superpower Daily: Your Daily Dose of AI

Superpower Daily is a ChatGPT extension and daily newsletter, offering the latest in AI news, tools, and exclusive tech insights.

Founded by Saeed Ezzati - formerly a software engineer - Superpower Daily was launched in July 2023, initially as an extension for ChatGPT. Further down the line, Saeed expanded  Superpower Daily into an AI newsletter. Now, he uses his engineering experience in AI to help founders, engineers, and AI enthusiasts keep up with and apply AI in their lives.

Both the extension and newsletter now boast a user base of over 200,000+ each.

As Saeed was scaling his business, he recognized that he needed to better organize and coordinate his sponsorship processes. In June 2023, Superpower Daily partnered with Passionfroot.

The Problem

Before Passionfroot, Saeed was using multiple services - Calendly, Excel, Gmail - to manage his business processes. Using several scattered tools led to missed deals and leaving money on the table.

“I always had to go back to my email, look at the thread of the email, and then look at the calendar. It was very easy to make mistakes.”

The Passionfroot Match

All of the issues Saeed was experiencing were solved by Passionfroot. His partnerships, website, calendar, and payments, all neatly compiled into one place.

Saeed uses his Passionfroot storefront to automate ad sales and bookings. His storefront answers all questions sponsors may have - leading to more bookings and less back n’ forth.

How Superpower sells ads with Passionfroot

Saeed superpowers his Passionfroot page with all of the information that potential sponsors could ever need.

The more he built upon his storefront, the more self-serving it became.

“It answers almost every question that you might have. So after you review that page, you know if you wanna do the sponsorship or not, which is great. It saves me a lot of time.”

Who They Work With

Superpower works mainly with tech companies who want to advertise their AI products or features - which resonates well with their subscriber base.

Saeed especially loves working with sponsors who offer some sort of value to his subscribers for free, suggesting that he has seen a much bigger benefit for those who approach him in this way.

“There is nothing that convinces someone to sign up on your platform more than offering them something for free.”

Across the last 6 months, they have worked with the likes of TED, Babbel and Canva.

Impressive, right?

Superpower’s Favourite Passionfroot Features

Saeed’s favorite feature recently has been Passionfoot Discover.

With limited time in his busy schedule to do a lot of outreach, Discover makes it easy for him to find the companies that match his audience, and allow him to quickly contact them with the proposition of working together - earning him thousands.

“Because they are on Passionfroot, I already know that they are at least open to partnerships.”

Passionfroot allows Saeed - who runs everything by himself - to micro-manage and even source every opportunity from start to finish.

Top Tips

We asked Saeed for three top tips for working with sponsors at the top level:

  1. Create value with your content by researching and learning more about topics that you cover.
  2. Make it easy to reach you and understand what you offer.
  3. Don’t be afraid to reach out to potential sponsors. It can be scary, but more companies will be interested than you think.

Want to kickstart your growth?

Superpower Daily is one of the leading AI newsletters, posting daily to over 200k subscribers. If you want to grow your newsletter ads business and earn more, easier, and faster - get access to Passionfroot now for free.

We’d love to help you grow!