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How Masters of Work runs their productivity newsletter ads business on Passionfroot

How Masters of Work runs their productivity newsletter ads business on Passionfroot

Masters of Work: The Tricks to Automating Workflow

Masters of Work is an AI and productivity newsletter focused on sharing tools and tricks to help people automate their work and become more productive builders.

Founder, Loukman Nacik, is a product expert and leverages his experience to put productivity in the lens of entrepreneurs & product builders. Initially beginning as a passion project, Loukman explored a few different iterations of the newsletter - exploring general productivity topics before pivoting to focus more on the impacts of AI, and how to utilise it to automate your workflow and save several hours per week.

Currently, the team posts twice a week to an audience of ~100,000 subscribers.

With the substantial amount of growth in a short amount of time, Masters of Work realised they needed to organise the workload effectively; which is where they found Passionfroot.

The Passionfroot Match

When it came to monetizing his newsletter, Loukman signed with Passionfroot to streamline his sponsorships.

“Passionfroot has been super, super helpful in streamlining sponsorships. I wouldn’t imagine managing sponsorships without it because it would be a mess.”

Instead of scattering the communication, calendar, and payments; it’s all compiled in one, neat Passionfroot page.

How Masters of Work sells ads with Passionfroot

Masters of Work use inbound and outbound methods to reach potential sponsors.

Initially, Loukman found cold outreach difficult, but the more he understood his audience, the easier it became to identify and approach the persona they were looking for in advertisers.

“You’re always one email away from a great partner.”

More recently, Loukman has been finding that the Passionfroot partner network and Discover features have been great for exposure to so many different advertisers. The inclusive Passionfroot feature that Masters of Work have access to has streamlined both inbound and outbound methods tremendously.

Masters of Work also utilizes Passionfroot’s calendar, automated creative asset forms, and built-in payment system to deliver extraordinary brand experiences faster.

Who They Work With

Masters of Work mainly partners with B2B tech companies given their audience is predominantly founders, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Especially with his ‘Deep Dive’ sponsorships, Loukman ensures that what the sponsor is offering is worthwhile to the subscribers of his newsletter.

“We’re looking after more that would bring value to our audience, and this is our main criteria when selecting companies and partners we work with.”

Masters of Work have worked with the likes of Attio and Guidde - but have also not limited themselves to working directly with brands. They’ve broadened their horizons by working with The AI Conference and other newsletters, such as Morning Brew.

The Value of Passionfroot

Although Loukman notes that Passionfroot saves him time, that’s not its only value-add.

“I would quantify it as not making me lose opportunities...  I think if we would be managing everything manually, we would totally be making 30% less in revenue.”

With Passionfroot, his sponsorship process is now streamlined.

Loukman’s Top Tips for creators:

1/ Learn what your audience likes, and use that information to find the right sponsors for them.

2/ See your brand deals as relationships, not income streams.

3/ Don’t hesitate to reach out to companies. You’re always one email away from a great partner.

Want to kickstart your growth?

Masters of Work is a hugely successful newsletter, posting twice a week to ~100k subscribers. If you want to grow your newsletter ads business and earn more, easier, and faster - get access to Passionfroot now for free.

We’d love to help you grow!