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Top Tech & VC Creators

Top Tech & VC Creators

Q4 of 2023 is a bigger one than usual: companies rolling into their last stretch for full-year targets, growth companies approaching the end of their runway from the 2021 boom, and fundraising in general being a different battle than before. Fortunately, there are a lot of great VC and tech influencers out there who help you keep up with and also take actionable advice to make a difference as an operator or investor. If you're looking to learn - check out these great creators to expand your horizons. If you are a growing startup - a lot of these creators also present great sponsorship opportunities for you to smash your Q4 growth targets and raise that dream round!

Lenny Rachitsky - Lenny’s Newsletter

As a former Airbnb product leader, Lenny is probably THE original product and startup creator. Through his Newsletter and Pod, Lenny shares and uncovers invaluable insights on product management and startup growth. With over 500,000 subscribers, Lenny is building the largest media company in the company building space. Check him out for some great interviews with industry leaders, comprehensive case studies, and actionable advice.


The "All-In" podcast, hosted by the "besties" Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg delves into the hottest topics in technology, venture capital, and current events. Boasting millions of listeners per episode, the show has become a go-to source for candid discussions, investment insights, and witty commentary. What initially started as friends getting together over Poker is now growing into the largest media company in tech and knowledge in general, some saying it can rival TED.

Scott Clary

Scott Clary is a trailblazer in the realms of sales, tech entrepreneurship, and content creation. Clary periodically shares his in-depth knowledge of the startup ecosystem through his weekly podcasts and videos. With over 150k+ subscribers on YouTube, 1.5M on Instagram, and over 100k+ avid listeners tuning in to his podcast, Scott's wisdom spans a wide spectrum – from entrepreneurship and sales to product management. Aspiring entrepreneurs can tap into his insights, which serve as a guiding light on their path to success.

20VC - Harry Stebbings

Harry Stebbing is the creator behind "The Twenty Minute VC" podcast, orchestrating captivating conversations with elite venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, unlocking the treasure trove of the VC industry. With an astonishing 20 million downloads and a dedicated global following, Stebbings' content gives listeners deeper understanding of how top investors and founders think - and also the state of venture in general. Despite his success, Harry still employs some of the techniques that got him to where he is today - including public cold-tweets/calls to bring on top guests. Check him out on Twitter or his Pod!

Houck's Newsletter

With over 79k+ weekly readers, Houck's Newsletter is the fastest growing newsletter in Tech Startups & VC. Having previously founded startups that raised from firms like A16Z, Houck leverages his experience to help pave the way for other aspiring founders and builders. He has become a weekly destination for startup tips, but also to find the latest startup tools that sponsor him each week.

Kyle Poyar - Growth Unhinged

Kyle Poyar is the writer behind Growth Unhinged - the go-to newsletter for founders looking to tap into product-led-growth (PLG) and build their SaaS business in general. As an operating partner at OpenView - he is re-defining the boundaries between traditional Venture and being a Creator. His content and brand not only has established him as a thought leader in PLG, but also OpenView as a strong investor. Many brands like Attio do sponsored deep-dives with him to build out their reputation in PLG SaaS.


Hosted by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal, the "Acquired" podcast expertly dissects the most iconic tech acquisitions in history while interviewing the players at the forefront of these deals. With a enormous and dedicated audience, the show's profound explorations of tech history and meticulous deal analysis have earned it the rank of #1 tech podcast on Apple Podcasts. Drawing an estimated 400k+ monthly listeners across all streaming platforms, "Acquired" is an essential listen for anyone seeking a deeper comprehension of the metamorphosis of technology companies, their acquisitions, and the people who led them.

Austin Nasso

With a following of over 900k across various social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube –Austin Nasso is probably THE "tech bro comedian". In his impressions, shorts, and roasts he provides a refreshing taste of self-depricating comedy that is remiss in the often serious tech industry. From poking fun at the Zuckerbergs' and Musks' of the world, to caricaturizing the all-too-common tech bro personas that populate Silicon Valley, Nasso's eccentric perspectives on the tech industry, stemming from his own stint as a Microsoft employee, are doing something that's always been needed: bringing humour to the Tech Industry. He also is one of the Co-Founders of Tech Roast Show - check them out as they're on tour now!


Scott Friesen runs Simpletivity a YouTube channel committed to simplifying productivity tools and strategies for tech-savvy individuals. With a fast-growing community of 325k+ subscribers, Friesen's content deeply resonates with tech enthusiasts, startup founders, and Venture partners striving to streamline their workflows and elevate their efficiency. Check out his content to step up your productivity!

Open Scout

Open Scout VC is your refreshing guide in the midst of the chaotic business world. With over 68k subscribers, they bring you tales of early stage companies/startups and invaluable tips on raising capital that enable you to take on the startup journey. But here's the twist – they don't take themselves too seriously. With a dash of humor and personality, they keep things engaging. Their content, shared across social media, captivates both aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned investors, amassing thousands of devoted followers. Through insightful reports and trend analysis, Open Scout VC has become a prized resource in the Tech & VC realm.


The brainchild of Dru Riley, Trends.vc delivers a daily newsletter that's a guiding light in the world of startup trends and market insights. With a subscriber base 58k+ strong and growing, Dru's data-driven analysis and concise reports have positioned him as an indispensable resource for those striving to understand the dynamics behind Tech & VC. His unique ability to distill complex trends into easily digestible insights sets him apart and is sure to make your job easier.

Elena Verna

Elena Verna, a veteran tech executive and founder, is known for her thought leadership on scaling product teams and company growth. She actively shares her insights through blogs, webinars, and speaking engagements. With a dedicated following of 20k+ subscribers, she is recognized as an authority in the field, drawing on her wealth of experience to offer practical advice. Check her out to learn PLG from some one who's done it themself.


Gonz Sanchez spends a significant portion of his time unraveling the complexities of new technologies, an endeavor that led them to create and curate Seedtable. His weekly newsletter, read by 20,000 founders, investors, and operators, is a cornerstone for insights into European tech. With over 60k+ monthly readers, Seedtable is a valuable source for those eager to navigate the European Tech & VC landscape.

This Week in Startups

Jason Calacanis is the exciting host of "This Week in Startups," which dives into a diverse range of subjects, from startups and tech companies to market trends, media, and the hottest topics in business and technology. If you are looking to get a good mixed diet of startup content - this is the place to start. With a subscriber base exceeding 250k, the podcast stands as a substantial and influential platform within the tech and business community. Constantly engaging in illuminating interviews with some of the most exceptional founders, operators, investors, and innovators in the world, Calacanis brings out the best in people and offers life changing advice directly from the mouths of life changing individuals.

No Code Founders

Led by Bram Kanstein and Michael Gill, No Code Founders stands as a flourishing online community with a shared passion for the no-code movement. Their rapidly growing community of over 17k+ founders is committed to the empowerment and education of entrepreneurs and business professionals, enabling them to bring their ideas to life without the need for traditional coding skills. Within the no-code and startup domain, they have cemented their position as a prominent and influential voice.

Wishu Media

Your guide to the latest news from the tech industry and creator economy, Wishu Media's Tech Creator Newsletter is celebrated for its engaging tech reviews, tutorials, and product comparisons. With over 50k+ dedicated subscribers and a broader audience that reaches into the hundreds of thousands, their content is a trusted resource for tech enthusiasts seeking reliable insights and product recommendations, providing everything you need to understand the world of innovation with a touch of wit and informative charm.

Sarah Noeckel

Femstreet is a thriving community and newsletter with a dedicated mission to empower women in the startup and venture capital sphere. Authored by Sarah Noeckel, an investor at Northzone, this newsletter delivers must-read posts every Sunday, covering a broad spectrum of topics, from entrepreneurship, web3, and pitch advice to finance, operational tactics, hiring, firing, and board management. Whether you're a founder, startup builder, or investor, Femstreet offers valuable content that can enhance your knowledge and keep you updated on industry trends. Join over 19k female CEOs, Executives, Traders, and other professional benefiting and growing together though Femstreet's trusted insights.


Failory was started by Nico in his Buenos Aires bedroom at 16, five years later the newsletter has ballooned to a community of over 37k+ founders, business moguls, and startup hopefuls all turning to him for guidance. Failory focuses on the stories of failed startups and the lessons that can be learned from their experiences. Their content offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurship and the importance of learning from setbacks, positioning them as a noteworthy and young voice in the startup world.

Just Go Grind

Dive into the captivating world of entrepreneurship with Justin Gordon's "Just Go Grind" podcast, where he orchestrates dynamic interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, and startup luminaries. With a burgeoning listenership, each conversation unfolds as an intriguing journey, offering a treasure trove of insights into the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurship. But that's not all – Justin's newsletter, boasting over 22,600 subscribers, puts out some of the most interesting founder deep-dives, uncovering the secrets of some of the most successful founders and investors.

The Generalist

Step into the world of innovation and investment with "The Generalist," a weekly newsletter penned by Mario Gabriele. This newsletter is your portal to comprehensive deep dives into emerging tech trends, startups, and prime investment prospects. With a readership now over 100,000 subscribers strong, Mario's skill in unearthing and dissecting impactful industry developments positions "The Generalist" as the ultimate source for those seeking a panoramic view of the ever-evolving Tech & VC landscape.


Known as "Europe's Hub for Venture Insiders," Eu.VC, spearheaded by Sifted, stands as a prominent European tech and venture capital newsletter that delivers comprehensive reporting on the venture capital industry and European startup landscape. With a subscriber base exceeding 15k+ of venture capitalists and angel investors, Eu.VC offers invaluable insights into the European tech ecosystem. This illuminating resource plays a pivotal role in cultivating a deeper comprehension of the region's growth and untapped potential.

Startups & VC

Startups & VC, run by Sina Sadegh and Max Fleitmann, is a well-regarded blog and newsletter that provides clarity into the world and career options within startups and venture capital. With a strong mix of visual and written content - they are building a multi-media brand on Instagram, Newsletters, and more. Check out their content to take your first step into the space!

VentureKaepital (ExecSum)

VentureKaepital is Litquidity's Tech & VC channel that brings the humor and culture Litquidity is known for in finance - to Venture & Tech. Check them out to stay up to date with both the serious and not-so-serious in Tech & VC.

Praying for Exits

Some learn best by experience, others through laughing their heart out. "Praying for Exits," is an instagram page & newsletter run by the anonymous 'Mr.Exits'. As the top 'meme' creator in the creator economy within the VC space, Praying for Exits shot to fame through their Instagram account –with 82k followers– that frequently pokes fun at the current events and movers & shakers of the VC industry.


Colossus breaks down the stories of victorious technology companies. With a dedicated subscriber base of over 50k+ and one of the top podcasts in the Tech scene- Colossus is one of the most informative and entertaining media brands in Tech & VC.

Not Boring

Not Boring is the most fun way to learn about what’s going on in business and the strategy behind the decisions companies make. Packy McCormick's "Not Boring" newsletter has garnered a fervent following with a whopping 213k+ subscribers, by delivering essays on the subjects of technology, business, and venture capital. Check out Packy's newsletter - it definitely lives up to his name.

Rex Woodbury - Digital Native

Rex Woodbury, former Partner at Index and writer of Digital Native, has over 38k Twitter followers and 52k subscribers on his newsletter. What is most refreshing about his content is its spontaneity and origination from his curiosity for new phenomena at theintersection of people and technology. His engaging content simplifies complex tech concepts, making him a relatable and influential voice amongst tech influencers in the space. At its core, "Digital Native" investigates how humans use technology to communicate, collaborate, and create in this era of rapid innovation, where the pace of change only accelerates.

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