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Top Career Creators

Top Career Creators

Business influencers and creators have increasingly played a role in democratizing access to career advice and jobs that were previously inaccessible to people from non-traditional backgrounds in their discipline. And as recruiting and back-to-work season rolls in we, have been keeping an eye out for some of the leading Career influencers in the world. To help spread the word and opportunity - we have collected a collection of some of the world's top Career creators - each with a unique and impressive approach to helping you improve your job, career, and overall professional well-being. If you are leveraging influencer marketing to grow your career product - definitely check these career influencers out!

Note: Creators not displayed in any particular order. This is simply a collection of creators we have found useful for readers and sponsors - not a commentary on superiority.

1. Gaurav Ashisha

As one of the largest job search voices on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok - Gaurav is helping more than 500,000 people find and land jobs that let them live happier and wealthier lives. From upskilling, search techniques, interview guides, to even applying AI to your job search - Gaurav shares valuable tips to help anyone take the next step or pivot in their career. His to-the-point valuable content and focus on AI has made him a fast growing social media influencer in the Career space!

2. Shadé Zahrai

Shadé has amassed a following of 1.2 million people thanks to her mix of personal development expertise and deep grasp of how careers evolve. Rather than just focusing purely on career - Shadez has broken out to a perspective that career potential is enabled by unleashing your full personal potential in all facets of your life. Through both deep insights and quick actionable advice she helps individuals unleash this maximum potential and achieve unprecedented success in their professional journeys.

3. Celine Flores Willers

Celine is one of the leading figures in Europe's personal branding and career development scene. As a LinkedIn Top Voice and with over 125,000 followers she helps people advance their careers with a distinct focus on building a personal brand and corporate influence so that you succeed in impacting whichever company you are in. On top of this she is the founder of the People Branding company. Through her company, Celine empowers individuals throughout Europe to effectively shape their personal brands and forge unique professional paths.

4. Jerry Lee

As a first generation immigrant in the US, Jerry came from a non-traditional background but achieved extraordinary career success a ex-Senior Strategy & Operations Manager at Google. From this experience, Je felt impassioned to share his experience to help people from non-target schools and non-traditional backgrounds do the same. With +900k on his Instagram account and +358k on Linkedin - it is fair to say he is now one of the largest voices in Career content creation. Despite his size, his followers love him for always remembering where he came from and keeping his advice grounded and actionable - we’re big fans at Passionfroot!

5. Jeff Su

Jeff Su helps people get shit done. If we double-click on that, what he means is that he creates videos that provides more than 500k job seekers with different types of tips around productivity, career, and job search that they can apply immediately to achieve career results. His refreshing video style and focus on quality rather than filler content has built him a strong following of people who gravitate toward his sage advice from a career as a Product Marketer.

6. Nidhi Nagori

Nidhi’s growth journey is one of the most impressive in the Career development space. Coming from an Indian background and later moving to Canada - Nidhi has used her own success to help other people realize their dreams of building a career abroad. Today 1.1 million people follow Nidhi for her advice on working in new countries, visa processes, scholarships, and other ways to pivot one’s career into a new country!

7. Murrad Beigh

Most career paths start with education - and Murrad helps you take that first step in your career path. For many getting into college is a mysterious and hard to navigate process - but Murrad helps demystify this for the masses, regardless of one’s background. Murrad’s advice, mix of content, and deep coverage of scholarships and internships provides immense value to his over 342k followers.

8. Tobi Oluwole

Tobi is a career coach and one of the world’s largest on Linkedin. He's on a mission to “Create the world’s most employable candidates”. Through his Linkedin and Newsletter he helps close to 200k people achieve fulfilling careers that get them “Paid in Full” - both economically and psychologically. His focus on tips that help people get paid what they deserve or build businesses that help them earn a living has built him a strong and loyal social media following.

9. Austin Belcak

With 150k+ subscribers, Justin writes one of the largest career and job search newsletters in the world. Austin’s content is based on the fact that most great jobs out there aren’t public - but can be discovered and created with the right techniques. If you are currently on the hunt for a job - Austin’s Newsletter, Twitter, and Instagram contains some of the best resources out there to help you uncover and land your dream job.

10. Hanna Goefft - Hanna Gets Hired

Hanna has become one of the largest and fastest growing career creators on TikTok through her content focused on growing your career with intention. By this Hanna means that her career advice is centered around helping her followers find jobs and ways of thinking about their career that gives them happiness and fulfilment - rather than just chasing corporate ladders and money. Check her out on TikTok if you are looking to shift your mindset about your career! As a b2b influencer, Hanna is well-versed in working with some of the top b2b brands in influencer marketing and providing value to both her audience and partners.

11. Tori Dunlap - HerFirst100k

Careers & jobs are just one part of feeling financially confident. Tori Dunlap is spreading this message and giving people a more holistic relationship to work and finances in the process. What started as an experiment documenting her journey of saving $100k at the age of 25 has grown into her building a platform that now empowers 3 million women to feel financially confident. If you are looking not only to excel in your career - but also build a financially healthy life, Tory cuts through the noise of the consumeristic era to help you build that life!

12. Jessica Sweet

Career creators are predominantly focused on young aspiring individuals - Jessica Sweet aims to change this. Jessica creates content to help midlifers find happiness in their careers through her Linkedin and Newsletter. Through her career insights, personal development, coaching and therapy tools she is quickly becoming the voice the midlife generation needs!

13. Mehar Sindhu Batra - MSB Vision

Mehar is helping more 447k people in the UK take their careers to the next level. Through quick short-form content she is helping people with every step on that career journey : residency, interviews, negotiations, and more. Today she is one of the leading voices for young expats looking to build a career in the UK. Keep an eye out for her upcoming Masterclasses too!

14. Anna Belyaeva - The Career Diet

Looking for jobs is a long and taxing hunt. Anna has built her content focused on solving this problem through helping 196k job seekers and clients discover and land their dream job without endless applications. Her positive at-cause advice and resources combined with beautiful visuals has propelled her to the top of career creators on Instagram - check out her Instagram to experience it!

15. Rise Weekly

Rise Weekly is the newsletter of Rise - a community launched by Vivian Chen to help diversify tech and connect people with mission-aligned companies and ultimately their dream jobs. Rise works with top-tier companies to boost their employer brand, diversify their candidate pipelines, and get in front of leading voices in the tech ecosystem - and the newsletter is the recurring resource where subscribers get weekly job and career tips. Today Rise has over 20k loyal subscribers and is also backed by BAM Ventures, Dispatch Ventures, Stonks, scouts from a16z, Foundation Capital, and more. If you’re looking for a community that cares about diversity in tech or are looking for a job in tech - this is the place!

16. Careers by Chris

Christian helps women land the career of their dreams. Today, information and jobs are siloed to groups structurally exposed to them - Chris uses her platform to make valuable career information for women across the world. On Instagram she empowers over 257k people to demystify their job search and accelerate toward their next job. If you’re looking for advice on how to navigate tough interview questions or handle negotiations that defend your worth - give Chris a follow!

17. Masha - Stereotype Breakers

Masha is a career strategist and multi-talented creator who creates on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok to a collective audience of +100k. Her content instills her followers with confidence, and as Masha puts it, “and understanding of their unique value” - which is often the most important part of progressing in one’s career. Check out her instagram for one of the most well-designed and thoughtful feeds in the Career space!

18. Shushant Lakyami - Digital Disruptor

Want to build an online business? Shushant is your man to follow. All tech careers aren’t a job - they can also be you breaking off and building your own company or small business. Shushant reaches an audience of over 50k through his Newsletter (Digital Disruptor), Twitter, and Linkedin for this exact type of content. If you are looking to take a step towards building an online business - Shushant is one of the best springboards out there.

19. Abbhi Sekhar - Career Confidence

One of the hardest parts about landing a job as an immigrant is the absence of a network. Networks give people access to jobs that otherwise aren’t publicly accessible in the job market. Fortunately, Abbhi is creating to bridge this gap. Through his Newsletter and Linkedin, he reached 30k immigrant job-seekers with tips that help them bridge the network divide and move towards their dreams. Check out his Newsletter and Linkedin to achieve your career goals!

20. Nicole Young

Nicole has a fantastic story behind her creative career journey. After breaking into the tech industry in a nontraditional way - she began to share her journey online. Her content was met with an amazing response of many other people of color who were inspired by the methods she used. Today Nicole has built a following of over 50k women and people of color on Instagram and Youtube using her tips to realize their tech career dreams.

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