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8 newsletters for creators to level up

8 newsletters for creators to level up

We consume a lot of content.

The equivalent of 34gb of data, 100,500 words or 174 newsletters a day.

Sure, as a creator, it sometimes feels necessary. Consuming content gives us inspiration for our own work, it helps us to feel less alone on the creator journey, and it gives us the knowledge to fuel our online growth.

But to get to the good stuff, you have to filter through the cluttered mess left by Lady algorithm. That’s a lot of time you end up wasting.

So, why not get the good stuff delivered straight to your inbox?

I know you’re probably thinking, “I don’t need another email that I delete without reading”. But, if you find the right newsletter, it’s like receiving everything you needed without knowing you needed it in the first place. Isn’t that better than having to spend hours scouring through the noise of the internet?

We’ve rounded up the newsletters worthy of sitting in your inbox. From growing as a creator, freelancing, storytelling and work-life balance, there’s a bit of everything here.

But they all have one thing in common – they’ll help you to level up as a creator whilst keeping your spark alive.

1. World Builders by Nathan Baugh

TL;DR weekly frameworks to make you a better storyteller

Being a better storyteller makes you a better creator, founder and marketer, so regardless of where you are in your creator journey, this newsletter is super relevant. With issues like, “You’re a wizard, Harry”, Nathan takes the magic of movies and books you know and love to deliver you with frameworks to transform you into a storyteller. You’ll also receive resources and tips to up your game.

2. Internetly by Alice Lemée

TL;DR biweekly tips on being a prolific creator & freelancer

Internetly delivers curated finds and lessons on being a prolific creator and freelancer, written by a content and copywriter working within the creator economy. In one recent issue, Alice talks about overcoming guilt whilst chasing late invoices, amending contracts and having endless back and forth communication with clients. Doesn’t that sound familiar?. As Alice says, “Whenever you think you're being "annoying", remember you're just running a business.”

But it’s not all business and prolific creation. Internetly has a personal touch, intertwining Alice’s online and offline life into lessons on living a more intentional life.

3. The Leap by The Leap

TL;DR weekly tips and stories to help you go full-time as a creator

The Leap helps you to make that big leap into being a full-time creator (get it?). Promising to only take 5 minutes of your valuable time, The Leap delivers advice, tips and stories from other creators, bringing you all of the reassurance you need as you move away from your 9-5. With past editions like “if you’re looking for a sign to charge more, this is it”, moving forward as a creator suddenly got clearer.

4. Filtered Fridays by Passionfroot

TL;DR weekly resources to help you on your creator journey

Ok, we might be a little biased here, but in our defence, we really do believe in the value of our newsletter.

We want to help you move your business forward without having to add to your already busy schedule. That’s why every Friday, we filter through the noise of the internet to deliver you the five best finds on growing as a creator, managing a business and finding a better creator-work-life balance.

But it’s not all curated content, we also share what we’ve been learning as we build Passionfroot. From dealing with distractions, connecting to our audience, and coping with burnout, it turns out building a creative start up is not too dissimilar from growing as a creator.

5. The Loaf by Creator Bread (Treyton DeVore)

TL;DR weekly money and business content for creators

If you’re a creator who lacks confidence in the business and financial department, consider The Loaf as part of your balanced diet. Treyton bakes up a mix of curated resources and interviews with creators who share their best investments and money lessons. These crumbs of business and money advice will feed your creator journey so that you grow into a creator entrepreneur.

6. Snail Mail by Slow Growth (Matt D’Avella)

TL;DR weekly resources on self-development

Matt D’Avella has built the Slow Growth community to encourage creators to make big leaps from smaller steps. This community newsletter tackles big topics with a more mindful approach, like productivity, success, storytelling, and having a better work-life balance. Snail mail will leave your inbox with a trail of inspiration that will guide you on your creator journey, whilst overcoming issues like procrastination and burnout.

7. The Tilt

TL;DR twice-weekly for content entrepreneurs

The Tilt helps to turn content creators into content entrepreneurs with curated resources, advice and relevant news on topics like business, money, audience growth, tech and tools. In each issue they also put a creator in the spotlight, giving you a snapshot of what’s making them thrive. This is possibly one of the most in-depth newsletters for creators you can find, with something for everyone no matter how far along the creator journey you are.

8. The Information Creator Economy by Kaya Yurieff

TL;DR creator news four times a week

The Information packs everything to do with the creator economy into one email. From industry news, deals, curated articles and videos, you’ll be in the know about everything to do with the creator economy. Recent issues have included news about Amazon Prime day, Instagram’s new subscriptions features and Community, a startup that allows creators to mass-text message their fans (which President Biden has even joined). You can only ride the trends if you know the trends!

Emails don’t always have to be annoying

When your inbox gets flooded with so many requests and messages, it takes an email that provides you with value to keep your head above the water.

With the right newsletter in your inbox, you’ll be able to consume content without having to spend countless hours scrolling on social media pretending to be productive. One email can make you a better creator and entrepreneur in even less time.

What newsletters for creators are we missing?  Share them with us on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn