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How to run EOY sponsorship offers

How to run EOY sponsorship offers

As Christmas is around the corner, we want to help you finish the year with a bang and take your sponsorships to the next level in Q1 2024.

Here are some tips and examples on how to get the most of the next weeks!

Plan Like a Pro πŸ“†β€


Early birds catch the worm, and early planners catch the best sponsorships! We really like how Tom (Strategy Breakdown) creates urgency for his sponsorships:

He announces that sponsorships are sold out until rest of the year.
He added new new (limited) slots in his Passionfroot calendar.
Sponsors can send a request to "join the waitlist" via his Passionfroot storefront.

Check out his email.

Use Passionfroot's easy features to plan your Q1 sponsorships. Add new slots in your calendar, update your storefront, and announce it across your channels.

Exclusive Offers & Discounts 🌟

‍Offer exclusive discounts on your sponsorships via Passionfroot.Now is a perfect time to offer discounts to sell your last slots until end of the year and offer early-bird deals for the new year.We like how the DTC newsletter and podcast sent a personal message to all their previous and potential new sponsors to offer last-minute Q4 campaigns and announce they're open for sponsorships in 2024.Head to your storefront editor, update your prices and title of your products or create a new special package and set up your irresistible deal on Passionfroot. Tips on how to set up package or adjust your price.



Another great example is Coinsnacks. Here's what makes it a good offer:

- Attractive discount (We usually see between 10% - 40%)

- Set for a limited time to create urgency

- Clear CTA to book a slot by linking to their Passionfroot storefront

‍- Special deal is placed on top of their storefront


More inspiration from Superpower Daily and Jesse.



πŸ“’ Where and how to promote your offering

πŸ’¬ Reach out to past sponsors
Go through your emails and Passionfroot inbox and reach out through our in-app chat to all sponsors you've worked with this year for a last-minute Q4 campaign or early Q1 sponsorship.

πŸ’Œ Content platforms

Announce your offer in your newsletter, Youtube and podcast show notes.

πŸ“’ Social media
Announce your exclusive offer across Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram in a special post or link in bio and link to your Passionfroot storefront. You can add testimonials, quotes or impressive numbers from your sponsorships in 2023 as an easy tactic to show your sponsorship not only works but that you have a real impact.

⭐️ Get featured on Passionfroot
Want to be the star of our community? We'd love to feature your Q1 sponsorships! Hit reply if you're game for some extra visibility. Your talent deserves the spotlight, and we're here to make it happen.

πŸ”Ž Connect with new sponsors on Discover
Reach out to companies that will resonate with your audience and illustrate to the companies how you will reach the right buyers / their target group and pair it with an attractive discount!