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How to Monetise & Get Sponsors For Your Newsletter

How to Monetise & Get Sponsors For Your Newsletter

If you’ve been thinking about adding paid sponsors to your newsletter, you’ve come to the right place!

Learn how to monetize your newsletter and attract sponsors with our comprehensive guide.

Discover different types of sponsored content, pricing strategies, and effective methods for finding sponsors. In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Types of sponsored content used in newsletters
  • How to price sponsored content
  • How to attract sponsors to your newsletter
  • How to find sponsors for your newsletter

Types of sponsored content used in newsletters

Before you start looking for newsletter sponsors, get clear on what you want to offer. Believe it or not, ads and sponsorships aren’t the same thing. In fact, there are typically 3 formats you can use:

Sponsorships or shoutouts

These usually have a prominent placement in newsletter issues. They often feature a visual, 300 words of copy and a CTA.

Classified ads

These are normally text-only. They’re usually 1-2 sentences long with a single link, and often a newsletter issue will feature multiple ad slots.

Deep Dives

are when an entire issue of a newsletter is dedicated to a brand.

Depending on your newsletter, it’s possible to include multiple ads or a combination of ads in a sponsorship page.

Types of Sponsored Content

Before diving into sponsorships, it's crucial to understand the different types of sponsored content commonly used in newsletters. From sponsorships and shoutouts to classified advertising and deep dives, each format offers unique opportunities for monetization and audience engagement. Consider which format aligns best with your content and audience preferences to maximize your sponsorship potential.

Here are some things you might want to consider when choosing a format for your newsletter:

  • How much do you want to charge? You can charge more for deep dives and sponsorships since they focus on one company or brand.
  • How many slots do you want to include? You can have multiple ads in a single issue, whereas it’s common practise to only have one sponsor per issue.
  • Where do you want the sponsorship to appear? This might be affected by the length of your newsletter issues and what you want the reader experience to be like.
  • What works best for your niche or audience?

How to price your newsletter ads

Now that you know what you want to offer, it’s time to think about pricing.

Do you want to have set rates where you charge the same amount for sponsored content, or do you want to negotiate with brands based on their budget and goals? This will depend on many factors, including the type of sponsored content you include and what you want your workflow to look like.

When determining pricing, take into account the level of exposure and engagement sponsors can expect, as well as industry benchmarks and competitor rates. Additionally, consider offering tiered pricing options or package deals to accommodate different budgets and sponsor objectives.

Whatever option you choose, our newsletter pricing guide will give you some benchmark figures to get started.

How to attract sponsors to your newsletter

If you’re open for business, you need to tell people about it!

Set up a Passionfroot page so potential sponsors can find everything they need to know about working with you. This might include:

  • An "About You" section
  • Key metrics, such as the subscriber count, open rate, and click-through rates
  • The demographics of your readers
  • The sponsorship formats you offer and pricing

Share your newsletter stats and sponsorship options

Your Passionfroot page also doubles as a booking page. Brands will be able to see your availability and book a slot directly, so that you can monetize your newsletter with ease.

If you want more brands to reach out to you, there are a few things you can do:

  • Share your Passionfroot page in your newsletter, like Ali Abdaal does in his newsletter, Sunday Snippets.
  • Share your Passionfroot page on your main social media platforms.
  • Add your Passionfroot page to your link in bio, or, better yet, use your Passionfroot page as a link in bio.

Ali Abdaal has a link to his Passionfroot Page at the bottom of his newsletter

Additionally, proactively reach out to potential partners with personalized pitches highlighting the benefits of sponsoring your newsletter, such as access to a targeted audience and increased brand awareness. Share success stories and testimonials from previous sponsors to demonstrate the value of partnering with you. The Discover feature on Passionfroot will help you connect with potentials sponsors increasing you chances of securing partnerships and generating revenue for your newsletter.

How to find sponsors for your newsletter

In an ideal world, brands will carry out a newsletter sponsorship campaign and sponsor your newsletter issues. While your Passionfroot page can help make this happen, reaching out to potential partners is a great way to build a consistent income.

Here are some simple steps for pitching yourself to brands and how the Discovery feature on Passionfroot can help you land the brand deals of your dreams.

Make a list of potential brands you could work with

When researching potential sponsors, it's important to consider their target audience and how it aligns with your own. Look for companies that offer products or services that your subscribers would be interested in, and whose values align with your own. You can find potential sponsors by searching for companies in your industry, asking your subscribers if they have any recommendations, or finding newsletters similar to yours and seeing who has sponsored them. You can also consider products and services you already use and recommend.

With our Passionfroot Discovery feature, we've already taken the initiative to curate a list of potential partners tailored to your preferences. This saves you the time and effort of searching yourself. Just head over to the Discover tab to explore these partners and start connecting with them effortlessly. Plus, rest assured that our curated list of partners is continually expanding every week, sourced directly from our very own ad network, ensuring a diverse and dynamic selection for you to explore.

Find the right person to contact

Although you can reach out to brand accounts on social media, emailing the person directly involved in growth and marketing can improve your chances of a successful collaboration. With Passionfroot Discover, however, you don't necessarily have to worry about finding the right person because partner accounts are usually managed by the individuals responsible for growth and marketing hence you will be reaching out to the right person, eliminating the need for extensive searching.

Pitch yourself

Once you have a list of potential sponsors and their contact details, it's time to reach out to them with a personalised pitch. Your pitch should highlight the benefits of sponsors supporting your newsletter, such as access to a targeted audience, increased brand awareness, and the opportunity to align with a trusted brand. Be sure to tailor your pitch to each sponsor: why do you think your newsletter is a good fit for their target audience? Include any relevant statistics or data to support your claims, or showcase your professionalism and credibility by sharing your Passionfroot page. You can also offer competitive packages, such as multiple slots at a reduced price.

Remember, finding a newsletter sponsorship takes time and effort, but with the right approach and persistence, you can build a sustainable revenue stream and turn your newsletter into a profitable business.

If you’re interested in setting up your Passionfroot page so you can streamline the entire workflow for newsletter sponsorships, sign up for access.