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Creating online? You’re already succeeding

Creating online? You’re already succeeding

There's a 90-9-1 rule which describes how most people participate online:

  • 90% are lurkers; they're present but they never comment or engage
  • 9% casually engage by commenting or liking posts, but they rarely post their own content
  • 1% of people create most of the content we see

Many people are stuck in the 99%, even if they want to create. They’re held back by these common reasons, which if you’re a creator, are the same reasons why you’re already winning:

"I'm scared of putting myself out there"

This is the most common reason which holds people back from creating  They worry that people (mainly those they know in real life) will judge them. They’re scared of looking cringey.

If you’ve overcome this, it shows you don’t let what people think stand in the way of what you want.

"I don't have anything to say"

Most people think they need a clear hobby or expertise to create. Whilst a niche does help, not everyone needs one. Just look at Kelly Stamps, a YouTuber who built her 650k audience by telling stories about her day to day life.

If you’ve creating, it shows you attract like-minded people with your thoughts and ideas.

"Who cares what I've got to say?"

Anyone who creates online posts to crickets to start with. Most people find this terrifying. It’s a knock to their egos.

If you’ve overcome this, it shows that you see the value in what you’ve got to say. You focus more on the process and doing what you enjoy than who’s at the end of it.

"I don't have the time or know how"

Often this is just an excuse to cover up the real reason- fear (most likely related to the other 3 reasons).

If you’ve overcome this, it shows you’ve made the time and learnt as you went along. You chose consistency and improved a little each time.

Why does this matter?

Because whenever you’re filled with self-doubt or feel like you’re not making enough progress, just remember that you’re part of the 1%.

You got out of your own way. You didn’t let other people stop you. You pushed past the fear.

And that's worth paying attention to.