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Convert your podcast audience to super-listeners with these 5 tips

Convert your podcast audience to super-listeners with these 5 tips

You can tell if someone is daydreaming about what they’re going to eat for lunch or if they’re really listening to you when you speak. And when it comes to your podcast, of course you want the people who pay attention.

These are podcast super listeners, and they spend over 5 hours every week listening to podcasts. They’re the ones who will keep their ears peeled for your next episode, they’ll interact with your sponsored ads, and they’re more likely to recommend your podcast to others.

They’re pretty essential for the success of your podcast, so here are 5 ways to transform a one-time listener into a loyal super-listener.

Know your audience

It’s easier to put yourself into your audience’s shoes when you know who they are and what they want. By using data like demographic, gender, regions, and time spent online, you can build a picture of who your audience is, which provides clarity on what content to make. If you’re still unsure, ask your audience if they’d be open to jumping on a call with you. Find out why people listen to you in the first place so you can make more of what they’ll listen to.

Strong show notes

Show notes feel like something you have to do because they’re part of a checklist, but they’re surprisingly important. Not only do they help your podcast show up on search engines, but they also show what you’re doing to deliver. When someone comes to your podcast and can see a collection of show notes promising value, they’ll be convinced that you should be their go-to host and come back for more.

Build a community

When everyone’s listening to you, and there’s not much room for interaction with your audience, it can feel pretty one-sided. This makes it difficult to build a community, which is where you’ll find your super listeners. Combat this by finding ways to connect with your audience, whether interacting with them on other social media platforms, uploading your podcast to YouTube to allow for comments, or answering questions they send in during podcast episodes. By building a community, it’s easier for you to get feedback, share when new episodes are out, and grow your podcast alongside your audience.

Hook them for the next one

Have you ever finished an episode of your favorite TV show, desperate to watch the next one, and before you know it, you’ve binge-watched the entire series? Apply this formula to your podcast. Leave your audience intrigued with a question, trailer, or teaser clip for the next episode so they’re already excited to listen again.

Stay authentic

With millions of podcasts, people can choose from a sea of content. But gone are the days when everyone wanted expertly curated content - now, listeners are looking for relatable content. Attract like-minded listeners by being authentic, and they’ll soon turn into super listeners.

You started a podcast to create conversation about topics you care about, and by turning your podcast listeners into super listeners, you’ll soon have a community of people who care about them too.

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