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7 social proof tips for drawing in more audience

7 social proof tips for drawing in more audience

If you’ve bought a product after reading positive reviews or chosen a busy restaurant over the empty one next door, you understand the power of social proof. We’re more likely to do something if we see other people doing it - which means that people are more likely to listen to your podcast or join your paid community if they see that other people have too.

Here are 7 types of social media proof you can integrate on your landing page or social media platforms to showcase credibility and reputation, drawing both audiences and brands in.


Your social media platform’s comment section is the most straightforward and organic way to collect social proof. Create conversation to increase the chance of positive comments, and new visitors are more likely to stick around. You could even create a “wall of love” with screenshots of some of the nicest comments you’ve received - send this to brands as social proof, or use it as a mood-booster whenever you’re doubting yourself as a creator.


I know you’re probably exhausted from emails, but surely good feedback is an exception? Besides, emails are also personal. Your inbox is a great place for your audience to send their stamp of approval, so make it easy and accessible.

Social media shoutouts

It’s a pretty great feeling when someone gives you a social media shoutout. But instead of simply replying to it, showcase the post on your own site or platform.


Share photos and profiles of brands you’ve worked with, guests you’ve had on your podcast, or well-known creators who have interacted with you, like Pat Flynn did. This could be on your website, media kit, or as a social media post.


Your growth is social proof in itself. Share milestones, such as when you’ve reached a certain number of subscribers, the anniversary of when you started creating, or when you’re launching a new project.

Guest appearances

If you’ve been a guest on other creators’ platforms, share those guest appearances as social proof. This is a great chance to demonstrate how collaborative you are and what value you can offer to different audiences.

Media Coverage

Share the list of places where your content has been featured. This shows that your content is so good that other people want to spread the value.

When your audience loves your stuff, it’s easy to prove. Create value, and showcase it too.

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