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Hey there 👋🏻!

I’m Kevin, writer of the Growth Memo newsletter.

My core topic as a creator is Organic Growth, which is a mix of SEO, conversion optimization, email marketing and social.

1/ Once a week, I send The Growth Memo to over +10,000 subscribers

2/ I also co-host the Contrarian Marketing podcast with Eli Schwartz, where we give listeners ideas they might not be thinking about

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Testimonial from SEOmonitor

Our collaboration with Kevin through Passionfroot clicked instantly, leading to a seamless and productive partnership. Not only his industry insights but also his proactive attitude helped us deliver successful content for the SEO community. Every time we start a campaign, we know it’s going smoothly and will be successful. Kevin is definitely one of the reasons why we believe Creator Marketing is the right fit for B2B SaaS Product Marketing!

Anca Tenea, Product Marketing @ SEOmonitor

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