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Launched in 2020 from a corner desk at the lab of Turing Award winner Yoshua Bengio, AlphaSignal is known in the AI community as the go-to source of news in the industry.

Our audience is composed of highly educated researchers and engineers often working at institutions such as Harvard, Deepmind, Stanford, Google, Meta.

We send three emails a week each one focused on a different angle of the industry: research, code, news.

All platforms combined, the AlphaSignal brand and content reaches over 10,000,000 people each month.

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  • Acquire new users/clients

  • Recruit world-class talent

  • Promote your conference or hackaton

  • Generate brand awareness within the AI community

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"I ran an experiment with email newsletter sponsorships, and overall AlphaSignal was by far the most performant."

—Yasmeen, Marketing Manager (CometML)


"AlphaSignal's audience quality is unparalleled. They generated hundreds of signups for our conference, something typically achieved by newsletters that are 2-3x larger in size."

—Demetrios, Founder (MLOps)

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