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Faster Than Normal’s mission is to be a friend to the ambitious, a mentor to the becoming, and a partner to the bold.

We achieve this by sharing the stories, ideas, and frameworks of the world's most prolific people and companies—and how to apply them to build businesses, wealth, and the most important asset of all: yourself.

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Brands we’ve impacted

“We saw a nice spike in website traffic coming from your newsletter :) We'd love to renew for 3 additional main slots over June.”

— Monte Thakkar, Marketing Lead, Rosebud, (Included in Newsletter 2023)

“Roughly speaking we probably got 1k sign-ups from the thread. We are very early, so it was meaningful.”

Ed Shrager, Founder & CEO, Summari (Included in Twitter Post 2022)

“We got 25 emails and one booked interview from the Newsletter edition!”

Fernando Escalaera, Head of Growth, Sidebar (Included in 2024 Newsletter)

“We had ~500 page views, and ~50 installs from your thread. Also, tl;dv are friends of ours and 2 days ago they mentioned they had ~4k views from your thread.”

— Amogh Sarda, Founder & CEO, Eesel (Included in Twitter Post 2022)

“Alex, thanks for the shout out over the weekend. It drove material traffic for us :)”

Jeff Kahn, Founder & CEO, Rise Science (Included in Twitter Thread 2022)

“Alex, I'm the cofounder of @ConsensusNLP. Thank you for mentioning us in this thread. We've more than 5x our growth since that tweet, and are growing virally everyday.”

Christian Salem, Co-Founder, Consensus, (Included in Twitter Post 2022)

“Hey Alex, thanks again for letting me sponsor your newsletter! We were able to generate 100+ people to our waitlist. Hopefully it was a good addition to your content for the week as well.”

Robert Henderson, Founder & CEO, Qreate, (Included in Newsletter 2023)

Our Readership

Over 60% of our audience are managers and above. These are key decision-makers and buyers for their companies. They include C-suite executives at major corporates, founders and operators at early and late-stage startups, and investors in both private (venture, growth capital) and public capital markets. There are also a large number of manager-level operators and technical staff at notable tech companies. The second major demographic is the earlier stage, ambitious young professionals in their mid-20s to early 30s. These are future leaders of their existing companies and founders of other companies.

What our readers say

“I really enjoy your newsletter, thought-provoking always stimulates by thinking.”
— Ron Ernst, Vistage Chair for CEO Advisory Peer Group

“Big fan of your writing. I’d love to interview you for my blog and get your perspectives and lessons.”
— Aseem Puri, CEO of Unilever International

“Loved the Anna Wintour Newsletter - I ended up watching and reading most of the links - thank you for making my weekend super interesting!”

— Crystelle Desnoyer, Fractional COO, Ex-Techstars Chief of Staff to the CEO

”One of your best yet. Well done.”
— Chris Gannett, CEO & Founder, Gannett Partners

”This is a great blog. I really enjoy reading your thoughts. Keep up the good work.”
— Mike Riley, Joint Managing Director, Waypoint Asset Management

“Huge fan and supporter, reach out anytime I can be helpful to you (I'm a longtime CMO and CEO here in Silicon Valley)”
— Paul Sebastien, CMO, President Real Vision

”I look forward to your weekly email — I appreciate how useful the content is and how clearly it’s written. I’m sharing this newsletter with several friends because I’m sure others will find it valuable as well.”
— Elissa Welsh

”One of the best emails I have ever received. Thank you, great advice and wishing you every success.”
— Michael Lamb, Executive Mentor at Merryck & Co. ANZ

”You’re doing great things. Your content is so good. Bright spot in my inbox.”
— Johnny Mago, Associate Director of Inside Sales

“I admire your work, Alex.”
— Jim O’Shaugnessy, CEO of O'Shaughnessy Ventures

“Great content and very relevant for a business school teacher and now founder of a start-up corporate finance consulting practice.”
— Daniel Stillit, Managing Director, Co-Founder, Adjunct Value Partners

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