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Tricycle Day is a twice-a-week newsletter, with two repeating formats.

🫠 This Week in Psychedelics drops every Wednesday morning. It includes:

  • Set & Setting: an entertaining roundup of the most important psychedelic news from the past week

  • Trip Reports: curated links to stories and hot takes from around the web

  • Cyclists' Picks: our favorite products and opportunities for mind expansion

🫠 Psychonaut POV drops every Sunday morning. It includes:

  • An exclusive Q&A with one guest luminary from the psychedelic field

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About the Writer

👋 Hey, I'm Henry, the creator behind Tricycle Day.

I launched this newsletter because I'm passionate about the potential of psychedelics to help us heal and grow as individuals and a society.

My mission for Tricycle Day is to normalize the conversation around psychedelics among everyday people. I write in plain language. I keep it light. I use memes.

As a former marketing consultant to pharma clients, I earned my biomedical stripes. Let's just say I can pick apart clinical trial design.

As a dedicated yoga practitioner of 13+ years, I also understand the value of direct experience. I know there aspects of reality that cannot be measured or even put into words.

If you have any questions about Tricycle Day, psychedelics, or how we might work together, don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected]. I'd love to hear from you. ✌️

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