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A resource for content professionals working in the age of algorithms. We create newsletters, develop courses and training, and strengthen professional connection points to support current and future digital creators throughout their careers.

The Content Technologist's 2024 monthly calendar

Month by month, here's what we're launching and covering in The Content Technologist this year, updated as our plans are set

  • May:

    • Newsletter theme: Distribution and style

  • June:

    • Newsletter theme: Content measurement

    • Course launch: Your content IS your marketing: SEO for algorithm skeptics

    • Course reboot: Understanding Google Analytics 4

  • July:

    • Newsletter theme: Content strategy and the knowledge graph

    • Toolkit launch: Audience research

    • Events: Content Strategy Meetup Seattle

  • August:

    • Newsletter theme: Content administration (sales/selling up)

    • Toolkit launch: Structured content and website tools

    • Events: Measurement workshop in Minneapolis

  • September:

    • Newsletter theme: Content production (video toolkits)

    • Course launch: Content analytics

  • October:

    • Newsletter theme: Content distribution (paid media focus)

    • Toolkit launch: Analytics and measurement

  • November:

    • Newsletter theme: Content style

  • December:

    • Newsletter theme: Content measurement

    • Toolkit launch: Strategic content growth

    • Course launch: Impactful content strategy

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