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About me

👋 Hey, I am Sundas. I am am award-winning self-taught data scientist, currently at a FAANG company. I have been in the industry for over 10 years across two big tech companies as a high-performer (top 1%). My goal is to help people by democratizing knowledge and make complicated topics digestible. See my feature on Forbes and People of Color in Tech.

last updated: 11/16/23

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Previous partnerships

Some examples of past partnerships on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram


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My approach to content creation

I create content with emphasize on 3 Es:

  • Educational,

  • Entertaining

  • Easy to digest

My content meets a high quality bar. A lot of effort goes into idea generation, recordings, editing, writing catchy thoughtful captions before any piece of content is published. All videos are recorded in 4K and professionally edited.

Similarly, I put a lot of emphasize on quality of paid partnerships. All paid partnerships must align with my brand and should be relevant to my audience. This means relevant targeting for your brand and more conversions.

About my audience

Techies, data science and AI enthusiasts, people in tech are my most engaged users. My content creates a community that not only serves the individuals but also helps create a platform for techies to network and help one another. Women in tech love my content.

Public speaking is my thing

Outside of content creation, I do a ton of public speaking and have been featured on my many new outlets and have spoken to large audiences of +1000, including keynotes, technical talks, panels, hosting conferences, and motivational talks.

speaking at Grace Hopper Conference

speaking at Google to an audience of 200

Hosted a 2-day conference at Amazon for an audience of 600

Women in Data Science Podcast (recorded in front of live audience)

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