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I host a weekly podcast with VCs and Founders of unicorns. I write a weekly newsletter 'Prodcircle Insider' to help founders build better companies and avoid common pitfalls.

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Have you see 'My First Million' by Hubspot? Well, this is the idea here too. Prodcircle powered by 'Your Brand' Exposure across all our socials. Brand Name partner.

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This is a special package for founders who have raised a round recently and want more exposure.

We will host you on our show and also write a dedicated newsletter on you and your company to get you more visibility.

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Listen to the Founders, VCs and visionary leaders who are changing the face of earth in a positive way. Weekly on Tuesdays at 8am ET.

Who am I?

👋 Hello my friend,

I'm Mudassir. I host a podcast with VCs and Founders where we discuss their successes, failures and lessons learned.

I also write a newsletter called Prodcircle Insider that is read by founders backed by Y combinator, SciFiVC, 01 Advisors, a16z, etc. and VCs from all over the US.

On this page, you'll find sponsorship and advertising opportunities to reach a passionate audience of people who are interested in entrepreneurship, startups, venture capital and fundraising.

Note: Sponsorships are NOT refundable. This is due to holding the slots as you will be booking the ad slots at least 4-6 weeks.

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