Philip Wallage

With +20 years of experience as a Freelance UX Designer, working for brands like ASML, ADIDAS, LEGO, Financial Times, Vodafone and more more... I now help other Freelancers to build a scalable business.

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Save up to €600 and build a relationship.

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Together we'll pick the title, topic and outline. I'll take on the entire production, editing, publishing and promotion. Whenever the video is up, I'll blast out a Short on YT Short, Tiktok, FB & Instagram. The video will be shared on X and LinkedIn. Lastly, it'll be featured as a sponsor in my weekly newseltter.



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About me

👋 Hey, I'm Philip, and I help Creative Freelancers to escape the rate which is the hourly-rate trap. With Productization, freelancers stop trading their time for money and sell products instead.

On this page, you'll find sponsorship and advertising opportunities to reach a passionate audience of people who are interested in Productization and tools that will help them to work more effectively and learn new skills.

Previous partnerships

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How it works

  1. Submit your request for your selected product and date(s)

  2. Booking confirmation

  3. Invoice & Payment

  4. Share your creative assets and copy

  5. The ad goes live

Examples of previous collaborations

Over the years, I've given dozens of online and on-site talks. Here are some I'm allowed to publicly share.

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