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"This is great! Thank you for taking the time to do this. (: I would love to work together again! Super happy with how the partnerships came out."

— Lexie B, Notion


"We saw pretty good results across the spots - definitely traction to extend. Could we book another 4 slots?"

— Clare L, Masterworks


"Aadit, you got some pretty amazing engagement yesterday"

— Beatrice C, Uizard


"One of our users is also a big fan of Prompts Daily too and is very interested in thinking about how to use our new AI mod with the Utlimate Prompt Hub"

Brittany J, Pixiebrix

Advertising with Aadit has helped us gain a lot of visibility in the US market. We made a profit from his sponsorship within 48 hours. It would be a real pleasure to continue working with Aadit in the long term for us. I recommend anyone to work with him, and on top of that, he's a great guy ;)

— Elie L


Great work! Seeing a ton of signups.

Aron S, OctoAI


Example: Main Ad

Product/Service branding right at the top of the newsletter. Ad includes Heading, text, banner/image and CTA. This example got 621 unique clicks.

Example: Classified Ad

No branding at the top of the newsletter (like for main ad). Ad includes product/service name, and value proposition. And finally, a link. Highlighted content are classified ads. This example got 248 unique clicks.

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