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About me

Hi 👋!

I'm Paul, 19 years old, with over 3 years of experience working for VC backed start-ups both in the US and Germany.

I know a lot of cool and successful people but I also relate to the struggles many young people face. We're all just trying to figure it out here, that's what Up Next is for.


I love long-term relationships with partners. That's why I'm offering discounts for brands that are interested in sponsoring more than one episode.

About my audience

People who listen to Up Next are anywhere between Junior High and College. They're anxious about their future, not sure what they want from life, or need guidance to make their next big steps towards their dream life. Whatever they are, they're all Up Next.

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Up Next is a series of candid conversations with successful entrepreneurs, investors, creators, and more. Here are some popular episodes

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