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From content management systems (CMS), data science and analytics, marketing distribution channels, building online businesses, and understanding first-party data, Overwrite Media is the go-to resource for staying ahead of the ever-evolving media landscape.

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Limited-time discounted offer to get started with Overwrite Media. You get 1 sponsorship ad and 1 classified ad.



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Sponsorship examples

An example of what previous Sponsorship Ads and Classified Ads look like in the newsletter.

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Our process

  1. Submit your request for your selected product and date(s)

  2. Booking confirmation

  3. Invoice & Payment

  4. Supply the copy, image, click-thru URL, and proposed CTA (Sign Up Now, Buy Now, Download, Learn More, etc).

  5. Ad copy is due 24 hours prior to the newsletter date.

  6. The client approves the ad.

  7. The ad goes live.

Dedicated Email Blast

Looking to do an email blast? When you purchase a dedicated email sponsorship, we will send an HTML email of your message to our email list of over 6,600 contacts. Dedicated Email Creative Requirements Subject Line Body content (preferably in HTML format) Any links and specific CTA of your choosing Ad copy is due 24 hours prior to the newsletter date. All ads are subject to editorial approval. Price: $600

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