Michael Kevin Spencer

Emerging tech and A.I. writer. I cover exponential impacts of technology on society, business and civilization.

About me

I'm Michael, and I curate and cover technology news especially with regards to emerging tech, innovation, A.I. and quantum computing.

LinkedIn: Over the past year I have 4,712,100 impressions in my posts and articles on LinkedIn. Or 827k in the past 90 days.

Substack: In 1.5 years I've risen to be a top #35 paid earner and "best seller" in their Technology section with my A.I. Supremacy Newsletter.

Here are some of the brands I've worked with recently who have been generous enough to Sponsor my Newsletters.

šŸ§© Previous partnerships šŸ—£

Selected companies I have worked with

Mission Cloud

šŸ† My Multiple Newsletters šŸ‘‡

Please note I have multiple Newsletters, so kindly take a look at each that have a slightly different format, audience but still around A.I., Generative A.I. and Emerging tech. I am looking for brands that have a high degree of alignment with my core audience of A.I. and emerging tech enthusiasts. The majority of my audience are technology professionals who are active on LinkedIn.

How it works - My Flow

  1. Submit your request for your selected product and date(s)

  2. Booking confirmation

  3. Invoice & Payment (within 3 days)

  4. Share your creative assets and copy

  5. If you can please provide an audio file of your copy, I will embed it as a voice-over that will increase conversion on your campaign! (e.g. ElevenLabs)

  6. The ad goes live

Please Note:

To effectively set things up on my side:

I require payment and the creative copy a full 3 days before the campaign goes live.

About my audience

Trusted by readers from dozens of Fortune 500 companies including: A majority of whom are software engineers, mangers and executives who work in technology, finance, sales and marketing.

šŸ”„ First Timer AI Startup Package! šŸš€

This is the highest value offer for new Startups looking to see what $500 can do. Only eligible to new startups.

1st Year Startup Package, 60% Off!


If you are an AI Startup in your first year, I can offer you a special package for your first campaign with me. It's 60% off.



Maximum Top Ad Placements

šŸ“ˆ A.I. Supremacy (growing fast)



Maximum Top Ad Placements

šŸ’¼ Artificial Intelligence Report (LinkedIn network effect)

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