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Helping 26k+ people master Notion, AI and Automations

Why should you work with me?

I know that brand collaborations aren’t easy to pull off.

  • You spent a lot of time looking for one-off partners

  • Sponsorships may create a short interest peek but fail to translate into meaningful growth

  • It's hard to stand out of the crowd with the limited agency over your product placement

That's why collaborations with me work different.

I want to make sure that every part of the campaign is tailored to your specific needs and creates tons of value - both for you and my audience.

Let's work together to create a truly memorable campaign with engaging content that drives actual engagement and translates into real growth for you.

Here's who you can reach with me:

A tech-loving audience who loves productivity and is interested in tools and products that help them lead better lives.

I write one of the fastest growing Notion focused blogs (15k+ monthly visitors) & newsletters (19k+ subscribers) out there.

The content revolves around

  • Notion,

  • AI and

  • Automations

to help people waste less time and design their dream system.

Anything from productivity to fitness and mental health all the way to personal growth is a great fit.

Please note that I only collaborate with brands that I've personally tested. If I haven't heard from you before, I'm happy to learn more about your tool or product to see whether it would be a good fit.


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All brands that collaborate with me are personally vetted and approved by me. Here's a selection of previous sponsors:


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