Marina Mogilko

Linguamarina Inc. is a global media platform with over 17M worldwide audience.


17.6M Total Audience
YouTube Lifetime Views
Instagram Reels Views
511M TikTok views
Top GEO: USA, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany
More than 317 Brand Deals
(Four Seasons, Lenovo, Notion, Valmont, Intercontinental Maldives, LG, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.)

  • WIBA Award - the Best Influencer in Education (Cannes Film Festival 2023)

  • Co-founder and COO at LinguaTrip (language education, over 50,000 students, backed by 500 Startups)

  • First creator to raise a venture round (led by Slow Ventures)


Companies we've been working with on a long-term.

Sponsorship examples

Examples of what your Sponsorship might look like.

Sponsorship Examples

Examples of what your Sponsorship might look like.

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