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  • HTG is a niche email newsletter focusing specifically on product, growth, and strategic decision-making at tech companies

  • My content is very long form, with deep dives usually 10,000 words.

  • Subscribers are predominantly tech leaders, entrepreneurs, product managers, and marketers actively looking for new ways to build their businesses and gain an edge in their work

  • About 56% of my readers are decision makers, and 32% are influencers in buying decisions.

  • Readers are highly-skilled,¬†specialized, and tech-oriented, who trust me to maintain a high bar and provide them with quality content and recommendations, including the products and brands I choose to promote.

‚ěĒ If you'd like to work with me as a creator, please read through some of my newsletter information below and select an option you're most interested in. From here, the next step will be to hop on a call with me (Jaryd) to discuss options, goals, expectations, and ideas.

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How They Grow is the perfect place to promote products and services for tech professionals

Examples of relevant offers:

  • B2B SaaS:¬†Marketing, sales, HR, productivity, analytics, AI, and¬†other B2B products, platforms, extensions and apps.

  • Fintech:¬†Banking products, corporate cards, fintech platforms, investment tools, and other B2B financial products targeting decision-makers in tech, or B2C financial products targeting an affluent primarily US-based audience.¬†

  • Jobs & Events:¬†Strategic / technical / financial / operational roles, conferences, webinars, accelerators, and hackathons.

  • Media and Info Products:¬†Newsletters, blogs, courses, ebooks, certifications, templates, and other digital products.

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Our readers are primarily at earlier stage companies

  • 1-10 people (29%)

  • 11-50 (25%)

  • 201-1000 (19%)

  • 51-200 (16%)

  • 1000+ (11%)

Our readers are primarily senior decision makers

  • Managers/Directors (35%)

  • Founder / C-Level (33%)

  • Individual Contributors (16%)

  • Creators/solopreneur (10%)

  • Other (6%)

Our readers are largely concentrated in the United States

  • USA (32%)

    • Over half living in California, Texas, and New York

  • India (13%)

  • UK (7%)

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