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👋 Hey, I'm Claus.

Want to get in front of 1000's of Shopify merchants and showcase your App, AI solution, SaaS, event, or marketing service?

Reach your ideal audience of Shopify merchants through the Ecommerce Coffee Break newsletter.

Why advertise with us?

  • Generate brand awareness within the ecommerce & Shopify community

  • Spread the word about your products or services

  • Acquire new users/clients

  • Promote your conference or event

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How it works

  1. Submit your request for your selected product and date(s)

  2. Booking confirmation

  3. Invoice & Payment

  4. Share your creative assets and copy

  5. The ad goes live

Some tips:

For a successful ad with lots of clicks and conversions, we request the following:

  • Provide an offer that's absolutely irresistible to our audience.

  • Supply the draft copy. We will edit it to fit our voice to improve conversions.

  • Build a landing exclusively for your offer.

  • Monitor conversions with tracking methods like UTM codes.

  • All ads are subject to editorial approval.

  • Ad copy is due 72 hours prior to the newsletter date.

  • Spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.



  • All prices are in USD. One-time payment. Full payment is required before any services are rendered and all payments are non-refundable.

  • There are no cancellations or reschedules due to timing, availability, and holding the date.

  • We do not offer affiliate commission-based sponsorships or revenue-sharing partnerships.

  • There are no discounts or exceptions, so please do not apply unless you're willing and able to make this investment.

  • We only accept sponsors for products and services that are in alignment with the philosophy and vision of the Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast.

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