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My Story (the short version)

👋 Hey, I'm Arpit, thanks for stopping by the databeats partnerships page.

Here's a quick story:

I'm deeply passionate about data education for non-data people.

Since early 2020, I've been creating honest, accessible, data content for growth practitioners working at the intersection of product, marketing, and of course, data.

As someone who used to work at the intersection of all three, I experienced a gap in educational content for semi-technical operators like me who wanted to learn about data, but only in the context of their everyday work, without pivoting their careers.

databeats exists to beat that gap – for good.

Today, I'm doubling down on what started 4 years ago. But at the same time, one of my goals is to feature other voices on databeats, both practitioners and technology builders.

I firmly believe that folks building data and martech solutions are eager to share their knowledge about the problems they set out to solve, and there's a lot for growth practitioners to learn from that!

And that's why I'm keen on partnering with data and martech brands that choose education over confusion. 🥁 🥁

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Unsolicited praise for our content in 2023 (it didn't come easy; took 3 years of creating honest, accessible data content):

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