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My Story (the short version)

👋 Hey, I'm Arpit, thanks for stopping by the databeats partnerships page.

Here's what you need to know about me:

I'm deeply passionate about educating people about data and enabling them to use data in their everyday tools to drive growth.

Since 2020, I've created honest, accessible, and most importantly, unbiased data content for folks working in data-adjacent roles like Product, Marketing, and Growth. While I don't intend to stop (quite the opposite actually), my 2024 goal is to feature other voices on databeats – knowledgeable people who are passionate about helping others learn about data and growth!

Now, here's why you should partner with databeats:

Folks building technology are eager to share their knowledge about the problems they set out to solve, and there's a lot for data and growth practitioners to learn from that! This is something I firmly believe in and I'm looking to partner with brands that wish to commission new content or distribute existing content through us. In fact, I'd love to feature stories that are a little biased, and a little opinionated, as long as they educate.

Below, you can find all the details you need but if you have questions, please reach out to me on Linkedin.

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Unsolicited praise for our content in 2023 (it didn't come easy; took 3 years of creating honest, accessible data content):

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