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  • Daily Zaps is a niche email newsletter about A.I. technologies, companies, and trends.

  • Subscribers are predominantly tech leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, product managers, and consultants looking stay updated on A.I. products and technology.

  • Our high-skilled, specialized, and tech-oriented audience trusts us to maintain a high bar and provide them with quality content and recommendations

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Our readers work for industry-leading software companies, including:

Daily Zaps is an ideal publication to promote products and services for tech professionals

💻 B2B SaaS: Marketing, sales, HR, productivity, analytics, AI, and other B2B products, platforms, extensions and apps.

💵 Fintech: Banking products, corporate cards, fintech platforms, investment tools, and other B2B financial products targeting decision-makers in tech, or B2C financial products targeting an affluent primarily US-based audience. 

🧑‍💻 Developer Tools & Services: Infrastructure, AI/ML/Data, cybersecurity, devtools, and other products for a technical audience.

💼 Jobs & Events: Strategic / technical / financial / operational roles, conferences, webinars, accelerators, and hackathons.

ℹ️ Media and Info Products: Newsletters, blogs, courses, ebooks, certifications, templates, and other digital products.

Subscribers are concentrated in major Western markets, as well as Asia and Australia

Locations (in order):

  1. USA (42%)

  2. Canada (15%)

  3. Australia (15%)

  4. UK (7%)

  5. India (6%)

Industry distribution skews towards technology, higher education, and government.

Industries (in order):

  1. Technology (54%)

  2. Higher education (12%)

  3. Government (6%)

  4. Marketing (5%)

Our readers are primarily senior decision-makers, technical managers and technical roles such as developer, researcher, and scientists.

Seniority levels:

  • Founder / C-level (12.5%)

  • VP / Director (10.5%)

  • Senior / Manager (32%)

Role titles (in order):

  1. Founder / Co-founder

  2. CxO (CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO etc)

  3. Product Manager

  4. Software Engineer

  5. Researcher

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