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Launched in December 2017, CoinSnacks is one of the largest crypto-focused newsletters in the world.

The crypto space changes rapidly. With new projects, research, and narratives launching every week, the average investor can become overwhelmed, confused, or doesn't even know where to start.

That's why we do the digging so our readers don't have to.

Many of our readers have been with us for more than half a decade. They trust us, and by proxy, they trust the brands we recommend.


"On a unit economics basis, this is the SINGLE BEST CAMPAIGN WE HAVE EVER RUN! I'm not joking. The results are terrific... 300+ subscribers and counting, and the single best conversion rate we have ever seen. Just phenomenal."

– Stefan von Imhof (Alts)

"Just crunched the numbers from October and we saw great success from the different sponsorships. We have dozens of calls scheduled with clients this week."

– Richard Lee (ForUsAll)

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