Cody Plofker

Hey, I’m Cody. I write, talk, and teach about direct-to-consumer growth strategies. By day I am CMO of Jones Road Beauty, one of the fastest growing DTC brands at the moment. By night I am tweeting, writing, and talking about direct to consumer growth marketing strategies.

About me

I am a marketer, operator, advisor, investor, and consultant to some of the fastest growing DTC brands and commerce enablement infrastructure companies.

By day, I’m CMO of Jones Road Beauty, one of the fastest growing DTC brands. By night I’m writing a weekly newsletter on what I’m learning, advising amazing companies like Northbeam and Octane AI, and investing in the next big brands or SAAS.

Every week, I write a newsletter on whatever is on my mind as it relates to DTC growth. I’m a believer in building a sustainable brand with organic traffic and a true differentiated value proposition and fueling that with brand first performance marketing.

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